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At Conover Plastics we work with our customers to customize their sock hanger needs. Contrary to most hanger suppliers, we are willing to produce smaller quantities of plastic sock hangers, produce hangers with any custom color, and develop and design hangers based on our customer specific needs.

Special attention is given to all details–from working with our customers’ marketing and purchasing teams–to mass producing the specified hangers. Our support team works in tandem with our customers’ team every step of the way to make sure the hanger product delivered is exactly what was specified.

Our 35 year history has allowed us to establish a network of local vendors to bring sock hangers from concept to reality quickly. Additionally, we have established relationships with a Chinese mold maker to produce the lowest cost for molds. Regardless of whether you choose standard hangers or custom hangers, we guarantee you will be getting the best value for your investment dollars.


Captive Hangers


4 1/4" Captive Hanger

Black Captive hanger Custom Captive Hanger Custom Color
7000 Custom Color Custom Color

4" Captive Hanger

4" White Captive Hanger Black Faded Glory Hanger White Faded Glory
1010 1720 1710
4" Black Captive hanger 4" Natural Captive Hanger  
1300 1320  

3 1/2" Captive Hanger

3 1/2" Black Captive i-Beam 3 1/2" White Captive i-Beam 3 1/2" Natural Captive i-Beam
1900 1910 1940

Insert Hooks & Hangers

Insert Card 7540 6100 6110
White 3½" x 5" Insert for 7500 series 7540 - Natural Hook 6100 - Black Top Rider 6110 - White Top Rider

insert for Top Rider

Insert for Top Rider

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S Hooks

2030-grey 2000 Natural 2050 Navy 2000 Orange
2030 2040 2050 2060
2000 Yellow 2000 Brown 2000 Dark Gold 2080
2100 Custom Custom 2080

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O Hooks

1800 1810
1800 - Black O hook 1810 - White O Hook

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Pac and Pac-2 Hooks


Pac Hook

Clear Navy Pac Hook Blue Pac Hook
5220 Natural 5250 Navy 5260 Blue

Pac-2 Hook

5440 Natural Grey Grey
5440 - Natural Silver Grey

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Multi-Pair Hangers

8400S 8540 8510
8400S 8510 8540

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Waterfall Series I Hangers (patented)

8000S Waterfall hanger 8040S-NT Waterfall Series 1 Hanger
8000S 8040S-NT 8040L-NT
8060L Silver waterfall hanger 8110S Waterfall Series 1 Hanger 8150L Navy Waterfall Series 1 Hanger
8060L 8110S 8150S
8110L White Waterfall Series 1 Hanger 8200 Black  Waterfall Series 1 Hanger 8200 White  Waterfall Series 1 Hanger
8110L 8200 8210

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Waterfall Series II Hangers (patented)

9700S Waterfall Series 2 Hanger 9700S-navy Waterfall Hanger Waterfall Series 2 White
9700S 9750S 9810S White
9850 Blue Waterfall Series 2
Navy Waterfall Series 2 Red Waterfall Series 2
9850S Blue 9860S Navy 9870S Red
9800L Waterfall Series 2 9810L Waterfall Series 2 9850L Waterfall Series 2
9800L Black 9810L White 9850L Blue

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Slide-on Hangers


3 5/8" GA Hanger

Custom Dark Gold GA Hanger 3 5/8" Custom Color GA Hanger 3 5/8" Navy GA hanger
Custom DK Gold Custom Brown 6020 Navy
3 5/8" Natural GA hanger 6050 Silver GA Hanger
6040 Natural 6050 Silver Custom Sage

3 1/2" & 3 3/8" Hangers

Black SLip Proof hanger Black J Hook JC Hook
4000 Slip Proof 3000 J Hook 3200 JC Hook
Gap Gripper Natural T Hanger White T Hanger
7120 Gap Gripper 1110 "T" Hanger 1120T "T" Hanger

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