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The single most important thing to remember about any enterprise is that there are no results inside the walls. The result of a business is a satisfied customer.”
–Peter Drucker


Conover Plastics: Custom Plastic Injection Molding and More

Conover Plastics is a custom plastic injection molding company with expertise in design, mold fabrication, and molding various commodities and engineered plastics. We design parts, tooling, and mass produce custom plastic injection molded products, serving customers locally and around the world. From concept and prototype, to finished product, we manage your project with careful attention to detail and to your complete satisfaction. Our design team ensures you receive the highest quality product. Since 1974, Conover Plastics has been a leading injection molding manufacturer providing customers with standard (proprietary), Custom injection molding, and Patented products. Starting with plastic hangers, to become the largest manufacturer in the U.S, we now offer all types of unique plastic injection molding services.

Using thirteen injection molding machines with various tonnage and shot weights, Conover Plastics offers a customer- focused approach and is completely committed to your success. We are proud of our outstanding reputation and plastic molding industry expertise. Specifically, we offer:

* Ability to produce small and large quantities
* Price, quality, and service guarantees
* Creative solutions for your plastic injection molding needs
* Cutting edge solution to environmentally friendly products, using   specialty polymers and additives
* Fast turn around - tooling and production
* Excellent value for your investment
* Diversity in experience
* No hidden costs

A Plastic Molding Company that Focuses on Customers First

Conover Plastics has a full service line of injection molding capabilities inluding CAD, prototyping, mold fabrication, and product molding. Our engineering and molding specialists can expediently and effectively handle any injection molding project. We partner with our customers, providing them with unique solutions to their injection molding needs. Our solutions factor in price targets, custom versus stock needs, quality expectations, and service requirements.

Our Vision is: “To be the “Customers Choice for Design and Molding.” How do we do this? We achieve this by:
1. Never taking our customers for granted, 2. Continually improving our performance and 3. Constantly enhancing our value in their eyes.

How do we differ from the rest of the plastic injection molding companies out there? At Conover Plastics, we are “the ultimate customizer” –no matter what you need, or when you need it, we are here to assist with your specific injection molding needs/requirements. From custom colors to short lead times, we have it covered. We also feature a flexible order quantity and aggressive pricing – we won’t be beat. Finally, our industry leading quality speaks for itself.

Ready to start your project? Need a quote? Contact us today. All inquiries are answered with 24 hours.

Thanks for choosing Conover Plastics!

P.O. Box 1268 | 1803 Conover Blvd.East | Conover, NC 28613 | tel: 1-828-459-7853